A Celebration of Life

Frank Parker

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Anton L Seals Sr June 30, 2013

To the Family of a wonderful young man, who left me to soon, which I could have been there for him on that night. But I know the Lord knows our hearts for He knows best for his ways are far beyond us all. Frank was a very warm intelligent and Loving, Caring and fun-filled young man.

To those of you who took his life and those who know I pray for your Souls and your mind and heart. You know who you are and may the meditation of my heart be acceptable unto the Lord> Lord. I command in the Name of Jesus that the spirit of evil, hate, anger, abuse and self hatred come out of those involved in this unsolved case and those who are involved now.

May God comfort all who have lost love ones. Frank is resting beyond the Veil in God's heavenly Kingdom. RIP MY Son, Pop's missing you!! May God's Grace continue to cover us and comfort your hearts always.


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