Alittle about knowing nothing

By Alexa Lawson

We didn't get news of someone dying from a violent act, I mean to be honest I only know two people who have died in my family, or that were friends of the family and those were natural they were old.,,but living the way I was i did always feel judged by people who weren't me. Finally we moved to Chicago, and I lived with my Aunt, She lives in Chatham, I didn't hear of violence until I got here. I none of my friends viewed me the same. I was judged because of the place I stayed. I know it sounds like some, prissy girl who get what she wants just whining to the world, but honestly its not my fault I was always sheltered. It hurts to know that when people find out where I stay or what school i go to, they automatically think I'm something that I'm not. Your environment does define you, cases and point. And its because some people are crazy. And that effects all of us. I talk to much. With very little incite on violence. All i know is I was brought up not to be a violent character.


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