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Anton Seals


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My husband:
It was a cool day in February. I was but a child...18...walking home from the bus stop from Columbia College where I was studying Film. My mother always told me not to wear my headphones while walking down the that I could be aware of my surroundings. I didn't listen. I was rocking out to who-knows-what...and all of a sudden he was beside me. He reached out and touched my arm. I was angry! Who are you!? You just run up on women on the street?? I tried to get away. I casually entertained conversation until I arrived at my destination...with no intention of resting my eyes upon his lovely face again. Unbeknownst to me, I would see him again the very next day...on the same the bus stop... on my way home from school ...."This must be meant to be" I thought to myself. So we talked that night on the phone. For hours. And hours. And hours. I was in love. I felt that I had known him all my life...maybe in the life before, possibly unfinished business. For the next 11 years, we became friends, lovers, parents, husband and no particular order. Three of the most amazing people I know...we made together. He was my husband, loving father, devoted son, compassionate brother, trusted and respected friend. His wit and intelligence was beyond his years. A man's man. A visionary. An entrepreneur. A revolutionary. A mentor. He was everything to any and everyone. One day in October of 2006, I kissed him goodbye on my way to work, unaware that it would be the last time I would interact with his spirit in this realm. When the phone rang at my desk, the last person that I expected to be on the other line would be CPD. "Are you Mrs. Gault? Please come to Northwestern Hospital Emergency Room. Your husband has suffered multiple gunshot wounds. We cannot tell you anything else over the phone." My world screeched to a halt as I arrived at the triage. A Chaplin ushered me into a small well-appointed room. Calming colors and floral prints surrounded me. "I'm so sorry. He didn't make it." I lived in a fog for 2 years.

Shrine Created By:

Anton Seals, Friend

Date of Birth:

June 30th, 1973

Date of Death:

October 3rd, 2006

Shrine Location:

6604 S Minvera Chicago, IL

Shrine Contributors:

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    Anton Seals
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    Gordon Quinn
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    Andrew Suprenant

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